Super Effective is a digital arts criticism platform, publication and future forum for everyone – a place for exchange, participation, learning and unlearning.

The foundations of Super Effective are built on expanding the definitions of inclusiveness, respect through active discussion and collaboration, and enriching the ideas of equality and equity. Over the next few months, the team will be working hard to present exciting updates expanding on these foundations as seen in the next section.

Super Effective’s mission is to challenge the status quo of art criticism and provide an alternative that works to dismantle the dominance of socially and economically privileged communities within visual arts.

The content (Reviews, Features, Responses and Opinion pieces) will focus on bold collective and independent initiatives, overlooked exhibitions, degree shows and issues that are typically not covered by traditional arts publications.

Steering away from academic language that is often found in artistic discourse, the aim is to promote arts criticism and writing that is clear, concise and approachable by anyone regardless of educational or occupational background. We at Super Effective believe that art (in its purest form) can magnify contemporary issues and therefore speaks to everyone, even those not directly involved in the industry.

Art is criticised, monitored and disseminated by voices deemed worthy by major publications. This, in turn, leads to many equally relevant voices left unheard. At Super Effective we’re open for submissions from anyone and everyone. 

For those interested in contributing, we accept pitches about any subject related to visual arts – exhibitions, podcasts, performances, games, features and interviews, responses to existing texts or polemic opinion pieces. We prioritise accepting pitches from emerging writers so as to present them the opportunity to build their portfolio, gain experience and benefit from editorial support whilst also being paid. In a bid to address the rampant issue of unpaid labour in the arts industry, Super Effective pays all its writers, editors and contributors for their work fairly. You can read more on this below.

The Future

The future for Super Effective is very exciting.

Right now, Super Effective is a read-only platform. However, the website is being developed as a safe space for dialogue and participation at no cost at all to its future users.

These developments will highlight much needed improvements in the field of art criticism and discourse such as transparency, gamification and hands-on engagement with written content.

Super Effective endeavours to transform the current structure of art criticism into a more accessible model that enhances ideas of inclusion, individual autonomy and democratic debate.

Everyone’s ideas, views and thoughts will be welcome. The goal is to build a community constituting a plethora of voices in favour of cultural exchange and democratic debate.


Super Effective is open for submissions from anyone and everyone. 

We accept pitches about any subject related to visual arts: from exhibitions, podcasts, games, performances, features and interviews to more personal essays, responses to existing texts or more polemic opinion pieces. 

Please keep your pitch between 200-250 words and set out clearly what you want the article to be about as well as why you want to write it. Please include relevant hyperlinks and sources for reference as well. You can send your pitches and CV to: supereffectivewriting@gmail.com

Super Effective is a platform for writers to build their portfolio, gain experience and benefit from editorial support whilst also being paid. This aims to address the rampant and serious issue of unpaid work in the creative industries. 

If you have no experience in writing please let us know in advance so that we can assign a suitable editor for you. 

Super Effective is independent and entirely funded by its team. For this reason, there is only a limited budget to work with. To ensure that our contributors are paid fairly, our current commission capacity is set at 4 articles per month. In due time, there is hope for this to change as support for the platform grows. 

Support Us

Super Effective is independent and currently entirely funded by its team. Due to COVID-19, the prospect of being awarded grants prior to launch has been unlikely. Nevertheless, we are now exploring the prospect of applying for grants again as the situation eases. We are also struggling to establish a Community Bank account due to COVID-19, as applications for new customers remain closed. Once the situation has settled, we will be open for donations via Paypal and will additionally establish a Patreon page.

We will post an update on our social media and website to let you know how the financial transparency will take place in order for our donors to be assured that their donation is going to the right place. Super Effective will maintain full transparency of its accounts with its community and supporters.

The support of our readers and community is of great importance, particularly in the months to come with exciting developments taking place as outlined in The Future page. Your future contribution, no matter how big or small, will go directly to the writers, editors, web designers, product designers, web developers and of course, towards maintaining the highest standard of evaluative content for your readership.

Super Effective is currently set-up as a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee in the Companies House website under the name of ‘Super Effective Writing C.I.C.’ with a company registration number of 12841868.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us