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Cyprus, UK
Visual arts, arts journalism, anti-gatekeeping
Chloe Stavrou is a Cypriot freelance writer, arts administrator and technician based between Limassol and London. As a writer, she has been published in Contra Journal, was a past contributor of Furtherfield Editorial and is a contributor of Brooklyn Rail. She is Super Effective’s founder and editor but is also a DJ under the alias of Barlic Gutter since 2011. As Barlic Gutter she has played in venues in the UK (Pickle Factory, Dalston Superstore), venues and festivals in Cyprus (Sousami, XARKIS, Asila Festival & Afro Banana Festival) and events in Athens and Beirut.


And oh those eyes that were data-saturated (D-S)

A fortnight digital conversation initiated by Chloe Stavrou with participating artists of D-S: Leontios Toumpouris, Alexandros Pissourios, Theodoulos Polyviou and Korallia Stergides.

A warm welcome from the team

Welcome to Super Effective! We’re really happy to have you here with us. It’s been a long ride for us to get to this point and this is only the beginning of our journey together. As a team, we have a much larger vision for the future of Super Effective.