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Cyprus, Greece
Arts Writing
Evagoria (Eria) Dapola is a curator, theorist and writer based in Cyprus and Greece. She is the guest curator of the Athens School of Fine Arts where she was a teaching fellow from January to June 2020. She is a member of the United Kingdom Museums Association, the International Association of Photography and Theory and International Association for Semiotic Studies. She is affiliated with the Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus and between 2017-2020 where she was the digital curator. She has founded the Emerging Curators Reading Club, a virtual / physical platform for curators and theorists that operates independently at regular intervals. The club focuses on alternative forms of understanding and sharing, emphasising on text, theory, live reading and fresh forms of performativity carried out by individuals, collectives, both physically and digitally. Eria is also responsible for Scale Appropriate Digital, a digital editorial platform and curatorial initiative responsible for insta-residencies and visual essays. She works directly with artists and other art practitioners, her writing and curatorial practice develops through responding to encounters and collaborations. Eria is an avid philosophy reader whilst her interests vary from visual and bio-politics to phenomenology, semiotics and semantics.


Floating through gardens: WADS and its states of potentiality

Evagoria (Eria) visited the digital garden of WADS - a virtual exhibition part of Ars Electronica's Kepler's Gardens featuring 21 Cypriot-based artists. She examines the exhibition as a prototype and testing ground for new sensory experiments as well as discussing ways to improve Cypriot cultural policy.