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Investigative & Culture Journalism
Marco is an editorial assistant and freelance journalist based in Glasgow. He has written news features and investigations for VICE UK and Dazed, and is a contributor to Guiti News, a progressive publication that reports on refugees and migrants. As a journalist he is interested in uncovering and reporting stories in a way that subverts traditional and essentialist ideas of 'objectivity', and centers the humanity of the people he reports on. Marco is the website editor of Naked Politics (@nakedpolitics), a political blog for young people. He is also the co-editor and co-founder of Kalu Mala (@kalumalazine), a print zine that seeks to non-exclusively platform the creative talent of the Sri Lankan diaspora.


Instagram can be a dangerous minefield for artists

From soul-killing comparison to feelings of inadequacy, the downsides of Instagram clash with the numerous career benefits and opportunities for community building it also offers. With testimony from artists themselves, Marco unpacks the realities of being an artist on Instagram today.