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Literature, queer ecologies, that gay sh*t
Natasia works in the book trade and is an organiser at Poc A Dot, a QTIBPOC community group. They moonlight as a poet and editor, and are currently part of the Subject to Change artists collective at The Barbican, where they are researching fungal networks. They spent lockdown exploring somatic practices, symbiotic relationships in nature, and how we can learn from them as humans. Coming from a multi ethnic background, much of their work focuses on mapping physical and emotional spaces and navigating the intersections between them.


Technology and the Body at the Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show

How does our physicality affect our experience of art? Natasia examines the crossovers between art, technology, and the body at the Goldsmiths MFA degree show, and uncovers some surprises.

The Botanical Mind Online

A deep dive into the botanical mind. Natasia explores patterns in nature, indigenous sovereignty, and the role of arts institutions in conversations about climate change.