What is queer fear? Queering fear in uncertain times

In this in-depth feature, Dominic explores queer fear by addressing the weight, symbolism and etymology of the word 'queer' and its relationship to fear. By drawing connections between grassroots activism, artistic agency and social justice movements, Dominic examines how the political force of queering enables us to reclaim our space in the public sphere and challenge divisiveness.

An Astronomer Without Stars: An Art Critic Takes the Measure of Those We’ve Lost

Along with more than 1.77 million lives (and counting), COVID-19 has taken the lives of some of the world’s greatest cultural figures. How will these larger-than-life characters be remembered? Christian considers the deaths of Egyptian actress Ragaa el-Gedawy, Italian curator and critic Germano Celant, Russian art historian Irina Antonova, American artist and art historian David Driskell and Chilean art critic and teacher Guillermo Machuca.

Death as Alternative in Alice Morey’s work

Sonja investigates capitalism’s defiance to death and its relation to artistic production. Her text looks for ways to redefine the current system of values driving artistic production and looks to Alice Morey’s work as a framework that an alternative paradigm might take.

And oh those eyes that were data-saturated (D-S)

A fortnight digital conversation initiated by Chloe Stavrou with participating artists of D-S: Leontios Toumpouris, Alexandros Pissourios, Theodoulos Polyviou and Korallia Stergides.