Seeking Roots in Cyprus

Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean, is currently wrought with political corruption charges and devastating gentrification tactics. In an in-depth and personal approach, Rony Junior discusses the numerous issues brought to attention by a handful of Cypriot artists showing works at Seeking Roots, an exhibition on how some artists feel about being Cypriot today.

Floating through gardens: WADS and its states of potentiality

Evagoria (Eria) visited the digital garden of WADS - a virtual exhibition part of Ars Electronica's Kepler's Gardens featuring 21 Cypriot-based artists. She examines the exhibition as a prototype and testing ground for new sensory experiments as well as discussing ways to improve Cypriot cultural policy.

A snail’s pace as paradigm: Eduardo Navarro’s “Breathspace” at Gasworks

A visit to Eduardo Navarro’s Gasworks exhibition raises Claudia’s awareness of the unsustainable pace regulating art workers, the responsibility of institutions and COVID-19’s unforeseen ally-ship.

Technology and the Body at the Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show

How does our physicality affect our experience of art? Natasia examines the crossovers between art, technology, and the body at the Goldsmiths MFA degree show, and uncovers some surprises.

Notes on physical degree shows, exhibitions and carrot smells.

José visits the Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, one of the only degree shows this year to take place in real life due to the pandemic. As a 2020 graduating RCA student unable to have a physical degree show himself, he unpacks the need and importance of physical exhibitions.

The Botanical Mind Online

A deep dive into the botanical mind. Natasia explores patterns in nature, indigenous sovereignty, and the role of arts institutions in conversations about climate change.