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Super Effective Writing is a not for profit art criticism platform, publication and future forum
for everyone. Currently, it is independent and entirely funded by its team and a one-time
small grant we received from the Youth Board Cyprus – ONEK in April 2021. We are a group
of individuals from different backgrounds who all have an immense appreciation for the arts
and are building a space for artistic exchange, participation, learning and unlearning.

We have established a not-for-profit Community Bank account with Starling which we will be
entirely transparent with so that you, as our readers and potential patrons, are assured that
your donation is going to the right place.

The support of our readers and community is of great importance, particularly in the months
to come with exciting developments taking place as we continue to publish compelling
writers, improve the website and bring the forum to life. Your future contribution, no matter
how big or small, will go directly to the writers, editors, web designers, product designers,
web developers and of course, towards maintaining the highest standard of evaluative
content for your readership.

We were operating as a read-only platform for a little over a year since our launch in October
2020 until December 2021, however the website is being developed into a forum as a safe
space for dialogue and participation at no cost at all to its future users. The first instalment of
these updates will come into fruition by December 2021. Future developments will highlight
much needed improvements in the field of art criticism and discourse such as transparency,
gamification and hands-on engagement with written content. Transforming the current
structure of art criticism will create a model that enhances ideas of inclusion, transparency
and democratic debate and goes hand in hand with our foundations which are built on
expanding these definitions.

If this sounds like an initiative you’re keen on then please consider supporting us!
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Thank you again for your time and please feel free to reach out should you have any
questions or want to be involved:
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Super Effective Writing